Thursday, February 24, 2011

sory la lau tulisan x nmpak..
meh nk abaq...
yg akhir 2....
terharu sangat...thanz 2 my frenz(nurul huda yg cute..)


Today ,
I see you in my eyes ,

Today ,
I talk to you with my mouth ,

Today ,
I laugh with you in loud ,

Today ,
I help u in a storm ..

Tomorrow ,
I see u as an illusion ,

Tomorrow ,
I talk to u in my heart ,

Tomorrow ,
I cries because of you in the dark ,

Tomorrow ,
I help u to remind "The Memories"

Friends ,
1 year 2 months I meet u
I never expect that it's too short ,
I wished to turn the time back
Never ! It had passed..

Friends ,
Do remind me ,
Apologised my fault ,
Take care of yourself ,
Shines up your day ,
With a prosperous smile ='D
terharu sangat.....thanz 2 ny true trenz...(huda yg cute..)